The First in-Room Coffee House Experience!

 Admired for its quality and Housekeeping efficiencies the pressurized In-Room BEVBar has a compact shape, small footprint, easy to understand instructions, auto-shut off, cup sensor and safety lock.


With an energy saving brew cycle of less than three minutes the BEVBar has earned industry claim as a game changer.


UL commercial approved for the US and Canada. 


CC for Coffee Capsules.

K-Cup® (2.0) compatible brewer with excellent extraction. It is easy to use and features a mid-cycle emergency shut-off. The brewer has a small footprint and few moving parts for easy maintenance. 

SP for Soft Pods.

A water saturation and pre-infusion cycle soaks soft

pods before brewing to reveal a richer tasting cup of coffee. Ability to brew heavier-weighted pods (we recommend 10-12g pods). Brewer produces a crema to create a coffeehouse experience at an exceptional value. 

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