With major change surrounding traditional and online retail, you may be faced to explore new and relevant means to market your brand.

As a product developer for hotel chains, the Amenity Svcs organization thrives on elevating guest experiences via collaborations that maximize the visual impressions of a brand.

Whether your goal is to generate new brand impressions, to test new products or to develop a broader engagement opportunity for consumers to experience your products, the privacy of a hotel guestroom is an extremely beneficial way to maximize interaction between your products and consumers.

The opportunity for consumer-desired brands in the hotel space is by far the most rewarding, well-rounded, subliminal methods for brand exposure today.

Strategic placement in hotels, whether in the privacy of a guestroom, or the hustling space of a lobby based food service operation, the niche channel of Hospitality could become your most powerful marketing wheel spoke.

When the timing is right, we look forward to exploring together!



Successful product experiences to expand your consumer base. Positioning within hotel guestrooms generates countless visual impressions.

Amenity programs drive traffic to your online and/or brick & mortar locations.

A brands PR is positively impacted by an amenity program at a fast- pace when compared to traditional retail.

The required investment of time by your staff is minimal.

Amenity programs often become the most savvy, value-driven marketing asset for a brand with an elevated presence on social media.



The lengthy time frame required to court management at the chain headquarters iis minimized as Amenity Services manages the prospecting and creation needs for your brand and products.

The product and presentation development is executed under your brand guidelines and with your approval. Amenity Services offers protection to protect the positioning of your brand within the diverse Hospitality channel.

Strict merchandising of your products within the guestroom space is established with Planograms designed for daily replenishment needs by Housekeeping Departments.

On average, a chain will contract with a 3 year Term. (Royalty percentages are determined on a case-to-case basis with the total property and room count, operational and marketing requirements factored in)


Licensing Partnerships include, but are not limited to: