Product Innovation & Development for Hotels

To build on a 35-year legacy filled with industry firsts, including the pioneering of In-Room Coffee, biodegradable single-use In-Room Cups and Single Serve Coffee Cups, the award-winning Green Room and personalized Pet sWAG, we are constantly exploring next-generation guestroom needs.

A catalyst for trends and brand standard innovations, our in-house visionaries are hyper focused on chain collaborations via an effective circular in-house design, development and account management approach.

Our mantra is relatively simple and is why we thrive on “your wish being our command!”

Taking care of our planet and resources is a top priority and we are proud to partner with organizations that share and promote similar philosophies.

We’ve made great stride to introduce recyclable, compostable materials into our products and packaging and are continuously looking for ways to improve our use of sustainable materials.