Amenity Services Inc.
Corporate Policy Statements

    • Equal opportunities policies in relation to staff and customers and your policies on disability, race and gender and the monitoring processes for these

Amenity Services is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, you may contact us at hello@amenityservices.comor 800-533-2619.

    • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Amenity Services is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption. This Anti-Bribery Policy prohibits bribery of government officials (both U.S. and non-U.S.) as well as private sector (commercial) bribery, including the offering, promising, authorizing or providing anything of value to any customer, business partner, vendor or other third party in order to induce or reward the improper performance of an activity connected with our business. Either a violation of this Policy or the Company’s Code of Business Conduct (“COBC”) could result in disciplinary actions including, but not limited to, termination of employment. It is therefore vital that you not only understand and appreciate the importance of this Policy, but also comply with it in your daily work.

    • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

In keeping with our commitment to act with integrity in all our business dealings, many of our existing policies are relevant to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or our supply chains.

We base our business code of ethics on common principles of ethics:

Respect for others. Treat people as you want to be treated.

Integrity and honesty. Tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of your ability.

Justice. Make sure you’re objective and fair and don’t disadvantage others.

Lawfulness. Know and follow the law – always.

Competence and accountability. Work hard and be responsible for your work.

Teamwork. Collaborate and ask for help.

    • Data Protection and Privacy

We only require the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with us. We do not sell to third parties. No matter where you live or what your citizenship is, we provide the same standard of privacy protection to all of our customers regardless of location.

    • Anti-facilitation of tax evasion

It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to facilitation of tax evasion. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate. We have implemented and will enforce effective systems to counter tax evasion facilitation.

  • Risk Management Strategy

We utilize the PPRR risk model; a supply chain risk management strategy. Our “PPRR” strategy includes:

Prevention: Precautionary measures for supply chain risk mitigation.

Preparedness: We utilize a contingency plan in case of an emergency.

Response: Execute on your contingency plan in order to reduce the impact of the disruptive event.

Recovery: Resume operations and get things running at normal capacity as quickly as possible.

  • Our Contingency Plan is as follows:

• Multisource – We have moved from single supplier sourcing to a multi-sourcing model in all product categories.

• We have expanded our supplier and distribution network to focus on reduced delivery times.

• We partner with freight carriers who deliver consistent results

• We utilized technology for shipment visibility to keep our customers updated on delivery times and/or take actions earlier to avoid costly delays and missed customer expectations.

• Comprehensive and recurring product testing and quality control.

• We implement emergency stock and buffer inventory for brand standard programs to eliminate out of stock and protect against environmental or weather risks.

Environment Policy
Amenity Services is committed to managing environmental impact as an integral part of our operations. In particular, it is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times. We will do so by adhering to the following principles:

• We will employ management systems designed to minimize the use of energy, minimize the generation of waste and to enable recycling and reuse of materials.

• We will continually seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance by establishing objectives and measuring progress. This includes but is not limited to energy, water, paper and fuel consumption.

• We will promote participation of responsible environmental management by promoting environmental responsibility amongst our employees; by informing suppliers of our environmental products and encouraging them to adopt environmental practices and by soliciting input from our employees, suppliers and customers in meeting our environmental goals.